Snapdragon modernizes Windows 11 PCs with AI technology


Qualcomm Technologies wants to use AI integration to bring mobile innovation to Windows 11 PCs.

On November 16, at the annual Snapdragon Summit 2022, Qualcomm Technologies Corporation outlined its vision to advance mobile computing through innovative AI activities, thereby promoting collaboration. collaboration between mobile devices and PCs to bring cutting-edge mobile innovations to Windows 11 PCs.

Snapdragon modernizes Windows 11 PCs with AI technology - 1

Together, Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft are advancing AI capabilities and transforming modern laptops to deliver enhanced performance, neural processing, and efficiency with the Snapdragon computing platform.

This partnership on Snapdragon brings new experiences with enhanced AI to Windows 11 users, including experiences across Voice Focus and Background Blur in the Windows Effects Studio feature ( Windows Studio Effects).

Auto Framing and Eye Contact were two prominent elements at the launch of the Surface Pro 9 5G, which features the Microsoft SQ3 chip powered by Snapdragon. Snapdragon offloads these computationally intensive tasks to a dedicated AI Engine instead of using the usual CPU and GPU to improve performance.

Additionally, Adobe announced that by 2023, more key Adobe Creative Cloud apps will be available on Windows 11 PCs using the Snapdragon computing platform.

For the PC ecosystem, Windows 11 PCs powered by the Snapdragon computing platform are said to help improve productivity, collaboration and security.

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