How will older iPhones be upgraded after updating iOS 18?

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 iOS 18 will be available to download on any iPhone from iPhone

With the upgrade to iOS 18, users of older iPhones can access some valuable features available on this platform. But due to some limitations in the chip, some features will not work. So if you own such old iPhone models, what valuable features will users receive?

How will older iPhones be upgraded after updating iOS 18? - first

Customize your home screen

In iOS 18, users can reposition apps to the bottom or side of the screen for the first time, freeing up valuable space for the all-important wallpaper. Users can also enable the new Dark Mode for app icons, add color tones, and even hide app names for a truly minimalist look.

Upgrade messages

Apple is bringing some important upgrades to the Messages app in iOS 18. Users can react to messages with any emoji, schedule messages to be sent at a convenient time in the future, and even text formatting with underlines, strikethroughs, and new, more attractive animation effects.

On top of that, the Messages app will support the RCS standard in iOS 18, which will provide a richer messaging experience when users communicate with someone who doesn't own an Apple device.

The Messages app has been greatly improved in iOS 18.

Redesigned control center

The Control Center isn't an attractive part of the iPhone, but it's undeniably an important part of the system. In iOS 18, users can separate Control Center into separate groups of functions as well as resize Control Center widgets.

The app lock is authenticated using Face ID

For safety-conscious iPhone users, iOS 18 will let them add Face ID (or password) authentication to apps they want to keep away from prying eyes. Users can also hide these applications in the new Hidden Apps folder.

Hiding apps in iOS 18 is very simple.

Password application

Sticking to the theme of privacy, iOS 18 witnessed the appearance of a password application developed by Apple itself called Password. This app will help users manage account passwords, verification codes, passcodes, and other important credentials conveniently on their iPhone.

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Although it won't be until the fall that users can officially receive iOS 18, the company released an early developer test (beta) version of iOS 18 right after the meeting. Based on this version, a report from MacRumors suggests that a small refinement has been added by Apple to the operation of the operating system that appears to be related to the rumored new design of the iPhone 16 Pro series.

Develop, iOS 18 seems to add a subtle change to the buttons on iPhone phones. When tapping a side button such as the volume button, in addition to the initial volume adjustment animation, a small border “pop-up” effect will appear on the edge of the screen near the button. This special effect will appear whether it is the volume button, power button or action button of the iPhone 15 Pro series.

iOS 18 shows that the Capture button will not be able to exit the iPhone 16 series.

iOS 18 shows that the Capture button will not be able to exit the iPhone 16 series.

This fits in well with recent rumors about the iPhone 16 series as reports say all four family members are equipped with a new capacitive button called Capture to make taking photos convenient. charcoal. At the same time, the Action button will also be moved to two new models, iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus.

A leak on Chat Digital Station's Weibo account said that the iPhone 16 Pro series may all use capacitive buttons to replace the original physical buttons. This has led to speculations that the new key effects added in iOS 18 are intended to provide users with visual feedback through the screen when pressing capacitive keys.

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