How to choose the most suitable iPad Pro 2024 for you


New iPad models are very expensive and will be even higher if you buy additional accessories.

Apple iPad products are always rated as the most high-end tablet computers on the market with impressive power, along with a flexible and convenient Apple ecosystem, creating the appeal of this device.

The latest iPad Pro model is Apple's first OLED tablet and is equipped with the latest M4 processor and the innovative Apple Pencil Pro to take performance and creativity to the next level.

However, new iPad models are very expensive and will be even higher if you buy additional accessories. So, here are some tips for you to choose the most suitable iPad Pro model for yourself.

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Is an OLED screen a must-have?

The new OLED Ultra Retina Tandem display is the most important reason why you should buy the iPad Pro instead of the Air version. The word Tandem (parallelism) in the name means that Apple places two OLED panels on top of each other to achieve an impressive maximum brightness of 1,600 nits.

Unlike previous generations of iPad Pro, when only the 12.9-inch Pro had a mini LED screen, in 2024, the 11-inch iPad Pro has the same OLED screen as the larger screen versions. .

Which screen size - 11 inches or 13 inches?

According to GSMArena, the 11-inch iPad Pro is the better choice for the vast majority of people. It is much easier to hold this iPad model in your hand, which is very important for a tablet. Processing tasks on the 13-inch iPad Pro will be a difficult job if you have to do it for a long time.

And since the iPad is a great gaming device, the 11-inch screen is perfectly suited for angular control in most modern shooters or racing games.

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Should I buy the Nano Textured Glass version or not?

According to GSMArena's review, users should choose the Standard Glass version because it is easier to read and often sharper. Higher reflectivity also delivers superior contrast and more vivid colors.

Not to mention the Nano Textured Glass is an add-on worth 130€ (about 3.5 million VND) and is only available if you upgrade to the 1TB or 2TB storage option from the start, because it doesn't have Available on 256GB or 512GB models.

Should you upgrade storage capacity? What about the M4 processor?

Just like the Mac, you can upgrade the M4 processor on the iPad Pro. However, this is not quite as simple as it is tied to the memory you choose. The base 256GB and 512GB models have a 9-core CPU with 3 performance cores and 8GB of RAM, while the 1TB and 2TB versions have a 10-core CPU with 1 higher performance core and 16GB of RAM.

Users can buy the basic 256GB model. It has 120GB/s memory bandwidth, the same 16-core Neural Engine and the same 10-core GPU with ray tracing.

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256GB is more than enough for the majority of apps and games you'll use on your iPad. Not to mention that with today's network speeds, you can stream all your music and videos while your personal photo and video library is stored in the clouds.

iPad usage patterns are often different from iPhone usage patterns, so it makes sense to use the least amount of available memory here. While buying a basic iPhone will quickly cause you to run out of storage space, it's very difficult to take a lot of photos and videos on the iPad.

Should I get the SIM version?

This is a largely unnecessary but expensive upgrade. Sharing your iPhone's cellular network with your iPad is simple, just like you would with a MacBook. And you'll almost certainly have your phone nearby whenever you use your iPad, so you might as well save some money and buy the Wi-Fi-only version.

Should I use Apple Pencil Pro?

The iPad is probably the best note-taking device in the world today. Many students buy tablets for that specific reason. If you plan to do a lot of note-taking, or you're an artist and plan to draw on your iPad, get the Apple Pencil USB-C.

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You can also buy the new Pencil Pro if you have more money to spare and you really need advanced functions. In all other cases, you will probably leave the pen somewhere when you don't really need it.

Do I need a keyboard?

Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro turns iPad into a great productivity all-in-one, allowing it to stand upright and providing a full, backlit physical keyboard with 14 function keys and a keypad. Glass hover with haptic feedback.

However, with a price of 349€ (about 9.5 million VND), you should consider this accessory when your finances allow.

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What about iPad Air?

The iPad Air 2024 has a starting price of 699€ (about 19 million VND) and can perform all the tablet tasks that the iPad Pro can perform. You can use an Apple Pencil with it, there's also a Magic Keyboard, and although it lacks an M4 processor, its M2 chip is fast enough for apps, games, and you can even edit video.

The iPad Air's Liquid Retina IPS LCD screen is also very sharp, bright and completely fine. But the iPad Pro's OLED panel is the best you'll find on an Apple-made tablet.

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