Apple was attacked by hackers who stole a lot of confidential data


The notorious hacker group IntelBroker announced that it had attacked Apple after carrying out a mission targeting AMD.

After last week's attack on AMD, the IntelBroker hacker group continued to cause a stir when it announced that it had successfully penetrated Apple 's system , stealing the source code of many important internal tools, including AppleConnect-SSO. , Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced and AppleMacroPlugin.

Apple was claimed by hackers to steal data.

Apple was claimed by hackers to steal data.

According to information from 9to5Mac, AppleConnect-SSO is an important authentication system, allowing Apple employees to access internal applications. The source code of this system being stolen could cause serious security risks for the Cupertino technology giant.

Although Apple has not confirmed the incident, IntelBroker has posted screenshots from Apple's internal system to the dark web forum BreachForums to prove its claim. The Dark Web Informer account, which specializes in providing information from dark websites, also posted screenshots, showing that this hacker group has distributed the source code of three internal Apple tools.

However, security company AHCTS said that the leaked data does not contain Apple's internal tools, but only custom integration code snippets to connect Apple's authentication system with other platforms. .

IntelBroker has long been famous for its bold cyber attacks, claiming to have penetrated the systems of Los Angeles airport, technology solutions company Acuity, retailer Shoprite and many other large organizations.

It is unclear how much damage this attack caused to Apple. However, this is a wake-up call for large technology companies about the importance of internal information and data security.

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