Galaxy Watch 6 is about to have the feature of "overtaking" Apple Watch?


The latest report says that Samsung is researching more advanced transdermal temperature sensors for the Galaxy Watch 6 and 5 series.

Samsung has been working on the transcutaneous temperature sensors on its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatches for months , but they’re only available for one feature right now – menstrual cycle tracking, just like on the Apple Watch.

Galaxy Watch 5.

Galaxy Watch 5.

However, this is just the beginning. On a forum in Korea, Samsung 's leader said that the company will launch many features based on the temperature sensor under development and they will be provided through software updates in the future. hybrid.

However, the release date of this feature is still uncertain because health monitoring features require certification from local authorities in each region.

The future Galaxy Watch will apply skin temperature sensor for many convenient features.

The future Galaxy Watch will use a skin temperature sensor for many useful features.

One of the quite feasible features is displaying the wearer's current temperature.

According to rumors, the new features will debut with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series and then update the Galaxy Watch 5 series. The new Galaxy Watch 6 generation is expected to be “unveiled” at the end of July.

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