Apple may be developing technology to make new iPhone batteries easier to replace


Apple is said to be developing a new technology that will make iPhone batteries easier to replace.

Apple is said to be developing a new technology that will make iPhone batteries easier to replace, according to a report by The Information. The move is said to be in response to the European Union's (EU) new battery law, which takes effect in 2027, requiring all electronic devices, including smartphones, to have easily removable batteries. Remove and replace.

Currently, replacing an iPhone battery requires the use of a specialized tool to remove the battery that is secured with glue. Then, a specialized machine must be used to fix the new battery in the correct position. This is quite complicated and must be done by technicians at Apple 's warranty centers .

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The new process is said to use metal instead of foil to wrap the battery, The Information explains:

"This new technology, called 'electro-inductive de-adhesive' - involves wrapping the battery in metal, instead of foil as it is today. This allows users to remove the battery from the chassis by applying a 'small amount of electricity' to remove the battery."

However, users still have to open the iPhone themselves if they need to replace the battery, which is not an easy process because the adhesive and screws keep the iPhone screen very tight and tight.

However, even if this technology is applied, Apple still recommends that iPhone users should see a specialist if they need to replace a new battery for their phone.

If Apple’s development of this new bonding technology goes as planned, it could debut it with at least one iPhone 16 model this year. The technology will then reportedly expand to all versions of the iPhone 17 series next year.

“I would love to see Apple innovate in ways that improve the repairability of their devices,” said Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, a tech repairability review site. “Adhesives are the bane of electronic repairability, and any way to eliminate current adhesive technology is welcome.”

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Wiens said applying a small voltage to separate an iPhone battery is a promising approach, as DC power supplies, commonly used to test and charge electronics, are widely available for users to purchase and use.

Previous reports have detailed Apple's plans to adapt battery technology to the iPhone over the next few years. In May, Ming Chi Kuo reported that the iPhone 16 Pro's battery will have a metal case for the first time. Information said this will be a "prerequisite" for the new linking process to come into operation.

EU law could require Apple to make iPhone batteries replaceable by users by 2025, although there will be some exceptions that could ultimately determine whether Apple is affected by the rules. this decision or not.

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