Are cheap wireless headphones under 700,000 VND worth buying?

 Headphones have become a fairly popular digital product today for people to relax, whether for sports or entertainment. Headphone prices on the market are very diverse, from a few hundred thousand dong to millions of dong.

Compared to high-end flagship headphones worth millions of dong, true wireless headphones (TWS) cost around a few hundred thousand dong to more than 1 million dong, making them much more economical. For those on a tight budget, around 700,000 VND can provide enough sound quality and functionality without causing too much financial pressure. This is also the most competitive price that major wireless headphone manufacturers are offering.

Many users may question the quality of cheap wireless headphones.

Many users may question the quality of cheap wireless headphones.

When buying, try choosing some popular headphone brands. As the TWS headset market is expanding, the supply chain of headset manufacturers is also becoming more and more mature. Many functions that were previously only available on mid-range to high-end headphones have been transferred to headphones that cost only a few hundred thousand dong. Choosing headphones from a big brand not only ensures quality and user experience, but also enjoys better after-sales service, making the purchasing experience more secure.

For example, Huawei has a budget product that focuses on cost-effectiveness and long battery life, called the Free Buds SE2, which sells for around 550,000 VND. This model supports a super long battery life of 40 hours and has a very cost-effective on-off pairing feature as well as call noise reduction.

Huawei Free Buds SE2.

Huawei Free Buds SE2.

Many people still have the “just listen” bias when it comes to the sound quality of headphones priced at 700,000 VND or less. In fact, many of the brand-name headphones priced at 700,000 VND today have excellent sound quality, even “the worst of the best”. Many headphones at this price not only support the basic AAC audio codec, but are also compatible with aptX Adaptive, a higher standard Bluetooth audio codec. For example, Edifier’s Lolli 3 headphones are equipped with Snapdragon Listen technology and support Hi-Res audio experience (24bit/96kHz). The headphones are equipped with 13mm liquid crystal composite drivers and rear-guided acoustic architecture, and the sound quality is very good.

Of course, these cheap headphones have limitations in terms of computing power and hardware cost of the headphones themselves. For example, active noise reduction (ANC) has long been an exclusive feature of each brand's top headphones. If you want active noise reduction, you have to spend more money, but you can also buy TWS headphones with quite good noise reduction for less than 700,000 VND. Although its noise reduction ability is still far behind the high-end models that cost millions of VND, it is completely enough to handle various noises in the office during daily commuting.

Cheap headphones today are also of pretty good quality.

Cheap headphones today are also of pretty good quality.

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Nowadays, there are many choices for headphones in the price range of 700,000 VND. Both traditional Hi-Fi headphone manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers have launched extremely economical products at this price point. They have all been able to deliver a great user experience and satisfy most users' needs in terms of sound quality, functionality, and wearing comfort.

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