Apple is late to the AI ​​"party"?


Will Google, Samsung and Microsoft grasp the opportunity by arriving earlier than Apple in the "war" of AI - Artificial Intelligence?

Historically, the Cupertino-based company has been a brand that waits for new features to mature before including them in its products. However, the majority of these features are hardware related - such as the first periscope zoom camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

But now, AI has come to smartphones. Compared to "competitors", clearly, Apple has fallen behind!

Google, Samsung , Microsoft, OpenAI, etc., now offer some really cool, practical AI features that the iPhone, iPad, and Mac don't have. This is despite the fact that Apple produces and has access to the most powerful mobile chips in the world.

All of this has made the Developers Conference - WWDC 2024 (starting June 10) one of the most important moments for Apple.

Is Apple catching up to AI?

In fact, many of Microsoft's new PC-powered AI features are very useful and practical, such as " Copilot ", which helps users find information and complete tasks more effectively. Even “Copilot” is a breakthrough on Google's ChaptGPT and Gemini

Meanwhile, Recall  is an outstanding new AI feature on Windows. “Recall” allows searching for things like documents, emails or websites on a user's PC through “PC history”. It's a super fast search feature that can search everything the user has seen on screen in the past day, week or month.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

Live Captions is another impressive AI feature on Windows, which can translate 44 languages ​​into English.

Cocreator on Windows is a very popular creative feature. They allow the creation of an artistic, usable image based on a doodle.

Browsing Assist - Web browsing assist is another great feature (available on Galaxy S24). This summary feature uses on-device AI to analyze text on web pages and extract key points, helping users save time.

ChatGPT will be available on iPhone?

At this point, Apple hasn't even started with AI while Google, Samsung, Microsoft are all involved.

In the realm of phones, tablets, and laptops, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have been trying to catch up with Apple in one way or another for decades. For example, Microsoft introduced a new Surface laptop running an ARM chip with the same performance + performance level as the MacBook Air M1 after several years. However, with advances in AI, these companies will have a clear advantage over Apple.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

These companies may seize the opportunity to "abandon" Apple and refuse to cooperate with the company. On the other hand, companies can also try to cooperate with Apple by offering its services (e.g. Google Gemini/OpenAI deals) to earn quite a bit of money. Let's wait and see how "Apple" will find a way to bring iPhone, iPad, and MacBook on par with their competitors in terms of AI.

Experts predict that Apple will most likely outsource cloud-based AI tasks to OpenAI's algorithms/ChatGPT. Meanwhile, Siri's job will be to handle AI-based tasks that only take place on the iPhone. That's because Apple always values ​​privacy for its devices.

WWDC 2024 will start on June 10. Experts are still unclear whether Siri will become (really) smart and whether Apple will be able to reach any "AI deals" with Google or OpenAI. We will continuously update information about this event in the next news articles, please read!

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