Apple has a "trick" to help Apple Watch X have longer battery life

Apple Watch X will have major changes to help the smartwatch have longer battery life.

According to sources from Apple's supply chain, the upcoming Apple Watch X (or Series 10) smartwatch may bring good news to users with significantly improved battery life.

The main highlight of the Apple Watch Some parts have OLED screens, while others still use less efficient technology.

Apple Watch X is expected to use LTPO screen technology to help save battery life.

The change to LTPO is expected to help minimize energy leakage, thereby contributing to extending battery life for Apple Watch X. This is highly anticipated news by users, because battery life is always good. is one of the most important factors when choosing a smart watch.

However, it should be noted that new features added to the new generation of Apple Watch may also affect battery efficiency. Therefore, the actual battery life of the X may not reach the maximum expected level.

However, Apple Watch X is still considered a desirable product with many improvements that promise to bring a better experience to users. As the world's best-selling smart watch model, Apple Watch always receives great attention and support from users.

Apple has admitted that it took three years of research to make the Apple Watch compatible with the Android operating system.

In the context of being accused by the US Department of Justice of monopolizing the smartphone market, Apple is having to make public arguments to refute, even when the information is internal.

Recently, an interesting fact was revealed. specifically, Apple has considered supporting Apple Watch for devices running Google's Android operating system. According to sources from 9to5Mac based on investigative documents, Apple spent about three years researching the possibility of integrating Apple Watch with Android devices.

Apple has researched the compatibility of Apple Watch with Android.

Apple has researched the compatibility of Apple Watch with Android.

However, the company ultimately concluded that technical limitations were a key aspect that made it impossible to fully support the Apple Watch on Android. If successful, this will allow Android smart device users to connect to the Apple Watch.

Previously, the US Department of Justice accused Apple that the fact that the Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone will force users to give up this device or buy an additional Android smartwatch if they want to switch to an Android phone. This is evidence of Apple's monopolistic behavior.

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Apple has denied these allegations, claiming that the lawsuit is legally flawed. 

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