Xiaomi is ambitious to launch new low-cost electric cars

Xiaomi is preparing to introduce a new low-cost electric car model after the success of the SU7.

Some information from local media said that Xiaomi will launch a low-cost electric SUV model in 2025 after the success of SU7. Although the Xiaomi SU7 product model still has many shortcomings, the appeal of this car model cannot be disputed, which is why Xiaomi wants to overcome these problems on car models that may be released in the near future. In addition, the selling price will also be more affordable.

Accordingly, Xiaomi also promises to launch a new electric car, with a price ranging from only 527 million VND, and expects this model to quickly have a higher output than the SU7 model. Just did it recently.

This is also somewhat reasonable when the plan to launch a low-cost electric car was also in the development roadmap from the beginning. Specifically, in the first year, Xiaomi will attract attention with its user experience and impressive design. That Sasu will enter the mainstream market. If it loses the advantage of the initial stage, Xiaomi will have to strengthen its reputation through a quality SUV product.

Xiaomi ambitiously launches new low-cost electric cars - 1

In the third year, Xiaomi will launch a low-cost car model to expand the user base through design and technological content. Each step will help Xiaomi strengthen its position in the automotive field. And luckily, the Xiaomi model was successful despite its not cheap price, converting from 755 million VND to more than 1 billion VND.

According to the company's announcement, in just the first 24 hours, the number of orders reached nearly 89,000 vehicles. Currently, the number of orders has increased 3-5 times compared to initial expectations. Xiaomi SU7 will reach a monthly output of 2,000 units from March and increase to 10,000 units monthly starting from July.

Xiaomi also aims to take advantage of the customer base of up to 20 million people who are already using its smartphones to boost initial sales. Xiaomi's goal in 2024 is to deliver 100,000 SU7 units to customers. 

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