In-Depth Look at Mansory's Specter: Super Luxury Electric Car


The super luxury electric car model Rolls-Royce Specter has just been launched by tuning company Mansory with a new upgrade package.

Similar to previous Rolls-Royce models , the Mansory brand recently launched an appearance change package for the Specter electric super luxury Coupe model. Instead of sophisticated, luxurious designs and minimalist lines, there is a groundbreaking appearance with a series of unique carbon details, completely "transforming" the super luxury car.

Regarding the exterior, the super luxury Coupe model is equipped with a series of upgraded carbon fiber details with ultra-light properties. In the front bumper, the car is equipped with trim details for the edges of the front air vents, and the car is also equipped with a sportier front tire. In addition, both sides of the bumper are also equipped with a thin LED strip to create a highlight for the car.

The original hood has also been completely replaced with a new detail with more fierce embossed lines. The grille on the front bumper of the car has also been re-crafted with a dark chrome color, combined with effect lights that can be adjusted in many different colors to still create a more unique look for the car.

On the body, the car is equipped with a fake air cavity that fits directly into the front fender. The center of this detail is the Rolls-Royce logo and the car's side turn signals. The original side tire has also been completely replaced, replaced by a new set of tires with a more complex design, integrating vertical wings at both ends of the tire to help further optimize aerodynamic efficiency.

The rear of the car is equipped with a large diffuser that fits behind the bumper, thereby significantly increasing the overall length of the car. Customers can choose to equip this diffuser with F1 racing-style flashing brake lights. The custom car is equipped with two spoilers including a small ripple spoiler at the top of the rear window, and a ducktail spoiler on the luggage compartment lid. These details are all made entirely of carbon material with unique patterns.

Combined with the fierce Bodykit package is a set of 23-inch custom FD.15 wheels. In addition, customers can choose to upgrade to a larger 24-inch wheel size with 295/30 R24 tires. On this model, Mansory painted the wheels glossy black with orange wheel logo borders.

Regarding the interior, this custom car is upholstered in high-contrast two-tone leather with orange and black tones for high-quality leather upholstery. The car's interior is also covered with many carbon fiber details, high-quality floor mats and the door panel is also equipped with LED lights to create a panoramic starry sky effect.

For this car, Mansory did not intervene to upgrade the car's electric engine. Originally, Rolls-Royce Specter is equipped with an electric motor that produces 584 horsepower and 895 Nm of torque along with a 120 kWh battery pack. The vehicle's travel range reaches 428 km and with the wheels raised to 23 inches, the travel distance will change slightly.

The price for this tuning package has not yet been announced by Mansory because normally, interested customers can choose to discuss directly with the tuning company to create unique, completely different, personalized car models with many options. "one of a kind" equipment.

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