MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives in May 2024

Update the latest listing and rolling prices for MG ZS with all versions.

MG ZS is an urban SUV model of a Chinese brand, launched in the Vietnamese market for the first time on July 17, 2020. The car is in the B-class high chassis segment, a direct competitor of Honda HR-V, Ford EcoSport , KIA Seltos,...

On January 8, 2021, the upgraded version of MG ZS was introduced in Vietnam. In this upgrade, the car is imported completely from Thailand instead of China as before.

On March 1, 2021, distributor Tan Chong continued to introduce the completely new version MG ZS Smart Up STD+ with outstanding design, spacious interior compartment, advanced technology, optimal and safe operation. and reasonable price.

In Vietnam, MG ZS is currently distributed with 3 versions and 4 exterior paint color options: White, Red, Black, Silver.

Details of MG ZS 2024 car

MG ZS is a low-cost high-clearance car model with a variety of equipment and spacious interior space that attracts more customers than its brother of the same brand, MG HS.


MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives May 2024 - April

MG ZS 2024 possesses a youthful and modern exterior design. The car's length, width, and height are 4,314 x 1,809 x 1,648 (mm) and wheelbase 2,585 mm.

The front of the car has a new 3D glossy black grille with a strong chrome inner border. The most notable upgrade here is the lighting system with automatic LED Projector Headlight headlights, instead of the previous Halogen. Along with that is a hook-shaped daytime positioning light strip. Below is a new improved fog light cluster that makes the overall MG ZS look more eye-catching.

On the side of the car, the MG ZS has a set of 17-inch petal wheels, replacing the old, rather monotonous wheels. At the rear of the car is a cluster of smoke-shaped LED taillights. The rear bumper has an aerodynamic design combined with fake exhaust pipes to help the crossover look more balanced.

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MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives May 2024 - June

The interior space of the new upgraded MG ZS is simpler and more practical. The center screen has an overflow style with a size of 10.1 inches, connects Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and is arranged higher than the old model. The steering wheel on the car has not changed much with a sporty D-Cut design, the color clock cluster behind is the new feature.

MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives May 2024 - July

In particular, the MG ZS 2024 is equipped with an automatic air conditioning system with PM2.5 fine dust filtering function with a seamless 1-strip design instead of a rotary knob. The rear seats also have air conditioning vents that create cool air for the entire car space.

MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives May 2024 - August

Improved car seats with driver's seat feature 6-way power adjustment. The seating positions of the rear seats are quite comfortable for users.


MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives May 2024 - September

MG ZS 2024 continues to use a 1.5L gasoline engine transmission system combined with a new CVT automatic transmission with 8 simulated levels along with front-wheel drive, helping to produce 112 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment on the MG ZS 2024 can include anti-lock brakes, emergency brake assist, electronic handbrake, hill start, electronic brake distribution, downhill assist, traction control. , 6 airbags, 360 cameras,...

MG ZS car price listed, available with incentives May 2024 - October

Review of MG ZS 2024 car


 + Competitive price

 + Spacious interior, many modern amenities


​​​​​​ - Poor sound insulation

 - Weak engine performance compared to competitors in the same segment.

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