Apple products you should avoid buying

If users continuously buy Apple products, they will lose a large amount of money, so they should grasp products that are not worth the investment to save costs.

Vision Pro

This is a virtual reality headset that Apple claims will help users organize their apps, immerse themselves in entertainment, and view photos and videos in new depth. However, the product is not worth its hefty price tag.

One expert commented: “With a price of nearly 4,000 USD, Vision Pro currently only serves as an input product for developers to create a VR platform before it is worth putting into use as a general consumer equipment. This isn't the last VR headset Apple will release, and it's certainly not for the general public right now. It's best for people to wait for the next VR headset release before considering such a niche product."

Reviews also show that bugs and poor battery life are the reasons why some customers are disappointed with the Vision Pro. Some also complain that the glasses are too heavy to wear for a long time.


If someone has an iPhone, they probably spend a lot of time using AirPods. But some customers are not satisfied with its performance. A professional tech reviewer named Lawrence details his experience with AirPods in a video.

Apple products you should avoid buying - 2

“In my own experience, I encountered constant problems that made me extremely uncomfortable,” the expert said. My headphones just stopped working. A group of devices disconnect and require a factory reset for repair. I also have to deal with crunching sounds or static electricity when using it.” Lawrence's video has more than 150,000 views with comments from similarly unhappy customers.

“While in some cases Apple has replaced potentially defective AirPods, my AirPods are out of warranty so I am looking for a replacement. I ended up having to replace both the left and right covers at my own expense,” Lawrence added.

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Spend tens of millions of dong to buy a new iPhone, so many people will consider accessories. Because everything, including the charger, is separate from the phone, users think they have to buy accessories to make their iPhone work at its best. This is not entirely true, users do not need to buy every accessory for their Apple product for it to reach its full potential.

For example, the wheel set for Mac Pro, it is simply a wheel but costs 700 USD (17.82 million VND). Or like Apple's silicone case, which has a price of nearly 2 million VND, but does not have the ability to protect against damage when dropped and is quite easy to wear out through tests. In case you want to buy accessories for your phone, users can find better priced accessories at third parties such as Anker, OtterBox or Spigen,... at a fraction of the cost of Apple but with even better effectiveness. charcoal.

Low storage capacity models

One way to reduce the cost of Apple products is to buy the model with the lowest storage capacity. However, users are better off spending the extra money for an option with more storage capacity. Because as the data we store grows in size, that base memory can become insufficient and fill up quite quickly.

“If you can invest in a memory upgrade initially, we recommend buying those instead of base devices because Apple products are not upgradable like PCs or Android phones. The reality is that when you run out of space on your device, you only have two options: (1) buy cloud storage or (2) upgrade the entire device," an expert shared.

So investing in a device with more memory will help users save money over time.

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