Why do electric cars need to be charged faster than advertised?

 This is similar to gasoline cars, whose actual fuel consumption is often much higher than advertised parameters, but charging an electric car battery takes more time than refueling, so it is more difficult to be sympathetic.

The answer lies in the official test. Currently, electric vehicle range specifications are determined by the Worldwide Light Vehicle Synchronized Test Cycle (WLTP). This is also the cycle used to determine the fuel consumption of internal combustion engine vehicles. However, it is not exactly the same as the vehicle's actual operating conditions.

Just like in reality, internal combustion engine vehicles often consume more fuel than the number announced by the manufacturer, the reason electric vehicle batteries run out faster than advertised is due to test conditions. ideal experience over reality. Although the new WLTP cycle is more realistic than the previous European NEDC cycle, it still does not accurately reflect the vehicle's actual operating conditions.

Why do electric cars need to be charged faster than advertised? - first

In fact, electric vehicles do not operate under ideal conditions like when tested, so the battery drains faster (Photo: Getty).

With an electric car, the difference between actual data and advertised specifications is more noticeable because the car's battery draining faster is more of a nuisance than with a gasoline car. Refueling only takes 5 minutes at most, while charging an electric vehicle, even if it is fast charging, takes several dozen minutes to continue the journey.

Another issue to note is that electric car batteries drain less in warm conditions and drain faster when the temperature drops. Therefore, new electric vehicle models are often equipped with quite complex battery heating and cooling systems, to create the ideal temperature for the battery. However, these systems themselves also cause energy loss.

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