"Exploring Faster Charging Needs for Electric Cars: Discrepancies Between Advertised and Practical Requirements"

 Applied since the 1980s, the NEDC cycle simulates driving conditions on urban and suburban roads.

 However, the tests were only performed in the laboratory, collecting data under ideal conditions, based on typical European operating conditions, rather than using data from real-world conditions in Europe. different countries around the world.

To overcome the limitations of NEDC, in 2017, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) issued the WLTP cycle, using real driving data, collected in countries in five other regions. around the world, ensuring higher accuracy than the old NEDC standard. 

The WLTP cycle officially replaced NEDC from 2019, becoming a mandatory standard for new light cars that want to circulate in Europe and many other countries in the Americas and Asia.

The WLTP test procedure was performed at 23 degrees Celsius and 14 degrees Celsius; In which, vehicle operation at 14 degrees Celsius is integrated into 23 degrees Celsius conditions, using a complex formula.

Colder temperatures will cause the battery to degrade faster than the parameters achieved under ideal conditions in the test; In the summer, the car uses more energy to run the cooling system. Batteries work best in warm weather and stable temperatures.

In addition, running equipment such as heaters, fans, seat heaters, lights and wipers also consumes battery power when it is cold; Or the air conditioner operates at full capacity during the hot season.

Some consumer organizations have conducted tests to find out the difference between the "ideal" number and the actual range of electric cars. 

The results showed that the actual number was on average about 1/5 lower than the level announced by the manufacturer. Therefore, electric car owners need to pay attention to this so they can proactively plan to charge the vehicle's battery during each journey.

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