VinFast's cheapest electric car revealed in reality

 VF 5, the smallest pure electric SUV in VinFast's product range, is expected to receive deposits at dealers this December and promises to have an accessible price.

Some images of new car models being transported to the VinFast service workshop have spread widely on social networks in recent days. The product is wrapped tightly, revealing only some details of lights, wheels and glass doors... From that information, car lovers believe that this could be the VF 5 pure electric SUV.

VinFast's cheapest electric car is actually revealed, deposits can be opened this month - 1

The car model in camouflage and covered with tarpaulin could be VinFast VF 5 (Photo: VFEV Association).

According to information from agents, VinFast VF 5 may receive deposits in December, with an expected selling price of about 400 - 500 million VND. However, there is still no official information about this electric car model, the form of sale with battery or rental has not been disclosed.

Meanwhile, VinFast sales consultants also posted preliminary information about the car and received advice, but also said the car does not have a price yet. Interested customers can make an early "reservation" deposit of 10 million VND - similar to the previous VF e34.

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