Unveiling VinFast's Most Affordable Electric Car in Reality

 VinFast's cheapest electric car is actually revealed, deposits can be opened this month - 2

When it goes on sale, VF 5 will be VinFast's smallest electric car model, expected to cost around 400-500 million VND (Photo: VFEV Association).

In VinFast's electric car product range, VF 5 is the smallest model, belonging to the A-class SUV segment. This will replace Fadil - the gasoline car model that has led sales in the Vietnamese market in 2021, before when it was "killed" according to VinFast's strategy of eliminating internal combustion engine vehicles from mid-2022.

After stopping selling gasoline cars, VinFast's product range now includes the VF e34 priced at over 600 million VND, the duo VF 8 and VF 9 both priced at over 1 billion VND. The car segment under 500 million VND in Vietnam is being vacated by VinFast. Adding a low-cost product is necessary if the company wants to popularize electric cars.

VinFast's cheapest electric car is actually revealed, deposits can be opened this month - 3

The VF 5 concept was displayed by VinFast at the CES 2022 exhibition (Photo: VF).

VinFast VF 5 was first introduced at the CES technology exhibition taking place in early 2022 in the US. The car is the smallest pure electric SUV in the company's new product range, spanning segments A-B-C-D-E. Unlike other "brother" models that have appeared on the test track, the new VinFast VF 5 appears as a concept.

Designed with enough size for 5 people, VinFast VF 5 has a compact exterior. The wheels are up to 18 inches in size with parameters 225/40R18. Through the revealed images, the car's interior is designed to be simple and driver-oriented. Meanwhile, information about the engine and battery has not yet been disclosed.

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