Transformative Innovation: Tesla Cars Double as Online Meeting Rooms

 In the clip above, Ms. Nitasha Walia, meeting product manager for technology company Zoom, used a demo of this application on the Model Y, seemingly using the camera in the car's rearview mirror. According to the clip, other Tesla owners will be able to access a Zoom meeting from their in-car calendar.

With the launch of the Model 3, Tesla began installing a camera in the car's interior rearview mirror, then moved to other models. Although it's not yet in widespread use, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said two years ago that conducting video meetings on car screens "will definitely be a feature of the future."

However, equipping a large screen and speaker system will significantly increase the vehicle's mass, as well as affect the driver's vision when he cannot use the middle rearview mirror to see behind the vehicle. when the TV screen is lowered. Surely the German car company will have a suitable solution to handle this problem.

Of course, this entertainment system is only for passengers sitting in the back seats so as not to distract the driver's concentration. This is a perfect solution for long trips, especially with children sitting in the back.

BMW has not yet announced when it will be equipped with this special entertainment system or which car models will be equipped with this feature, but a BMW representative revealed that this feature will soon appear on the product.

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