Tesla cars can become online meeting rooms

 This will be the ideal solution for situations where you need to have an online meeting but the phone screen is too small.

If a large automaker like Tesla wants to install a video conferencing application into its cars, it will find a reliable and reputable software partner in the same field as Zoom company.

That idea has become a reality, according to an announcement early last week by a Zoom leader at an event organized by Zoom. This application will initially only be available for Tesla vehicles, allowing drivers to participate in online meetings with full image and sound without using a mobile phone or tablet.

Hopefully Tesla and its partner Zoom will set it up so that the application can only be used when the car is stopped as shown in the clip (Photo cut from the clip).

Currently, the American electric car brand has not yet announced the official date of introducing the new feature to the car, but only said that it will be available on "all new Tesla models".

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