"Shift in Infrastructure: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Set to Replace Many Gas Stations"

 We also have other competitive advantages, such as convenience stores that sell coffee, food and other convenience items to customers while they wait to charge their batteries," Shell said.

The company did not specify where the new electric vehicle charging stations will be installed. Currently, most of the company's charging stations are located in China. Europe is also an important market, while the American market has not been focused.

The company said the share of electric cars in total new car sales has increased from less than 3% in 2018 to 18% in 2023; Of which, the fastest growth is in China, the world's largest automobile market; followed by Europe and America.

In China, many electric car models cost less than $40,000, while in other markets, electric cars are often more expensive without government subsidies.

Another important content in Shell's development strategy from now to 2030 is synthetic fuel. The company plans to supply plant-based biofuels and hydrogen fuel to the aviation and shipping industries.

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