Chinese electric cars, which were already cheap, are now even cheaper

 The electric car price war in China is increasingly fierce, as manufacturers race to reduce prices to compete for market share.

Electric cars' prices are still too high compared to gasoline cars, plus the charging infrastructure is not enough to meet user needs, so this type of car is generally still difficult to convince buyers.

Even the cheapest models are still much less attractive than internal combustion engine cars, although Western auto brands are excited about how new electric vehicle platforms will help. Selling price dropped sharply.

However, while they still need more time to make that a reality, Chinese automaker BYD has reduced the price of its cheapest electric car model, the Seagull, by 5%, bringing the retail price to the lowest level. 69,800 yuan, equivalent to only 9,700 USD, or 240 million VND.

Chinese electric cars, which were already cheap, are now even cheaper, which will make competitors worried - 1

The Seagull electric car model now costs less than 10,000 USD (Illustration: BYD).

Meanwhile, Stellantis Group is excited about the ability to set the retail price for the Citroen e-C3 model at 22,000 USD, while VW is proud of the ID.2 model priced at 26,500 USD.

According to Reuters news agency, the BYD Seagull's equivalent price of only 9,700 USD is even more enviable compared to the car's price in the US. The cheapest electric car model in the US - Nissan Leaf - costs 28,140 USD, and even the cheapest model in the auto market in general - Mitsubishi Mirage, with the same size as BYD Seagull - also costs 16,695 USD.

Maybe most Americans wouldn't want to buy a small, cramped Seagull with just 74 horsepower, just like they didn't like the Mitsubishi Mirage, but many in Europe and other markets would like to buy one. car like the Seagull.

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