Kia EV5 Set to Debut with Rolls-Royce-Inspired Design

Kia EV5 is scheduled to launch, with reverse opening door design like Rolls-Royce - 2

The interior space is rich in ideas of the Kia EV5 Concept.

Kia explains that the open design of the interior, combined with a large panoramic sunroof, will erase the boundary between the interior and exterior spaces of the car. Interior colors are selected according to the criteria of bringing a feeling of tranquility to users. The large touch screen located on the dashboard is designed to impress technology lovers.

Kia said it used a lot of environmentally friendly materials when making the interior of the EV5 Concept, including seaweed extract and recycled plastic bottles for the seats, door taps, dashboard, and ceiling. car. Kia affirms that it does not use animal leather for this car model.

The Korean auto brand has confirmed that it will put the EV5 Concept model into production this year, expected to launch in China.

Some detailed images of the Kia EV Concept model:

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