"Jaguar's Bold Move: Ceasing Production of Gasoline Cars Signals Shift Towards Electric Vehicles"

 "Most of our products will be discontinued next June, but will remain on the market for a long time," Mr. Eberhardt said.

"We will have a production plan to ensure a continuous supply of vehicles until new models are launched. We will try to calculate so that the number of vehicles is enough to meet market demand until when new products launch and successors," he added.

Because it plans to convert its product portfolio to pure electric vehicles, Jaguar understands that sales will decrease compared to before. In 2017, the company had global sales of nearly 180,000 vehicles, but will likely only reach about 50,000 vehicles when it launches a trio of completely new electric vehicles.

These three models will use Jaguar's (JEA) electric vehicle chassis platform. The first is a 4-seat GT model, expected to launch this year, then on the market in 2025. This will be the most powerful Jaguar model ever and has a range of up to 692km/day. charging times.

The second model will launch in late 2025 and the third model in 2026.

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