Hot News: Apple Officially Unveils 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air M3

 Apple has just officially refreshed its popular MacBook Air line, just one month after launching Vision Pro glasses.

The new MacBook Air includes two 13-inch and 15-inch versions, both equipped with Apple's exclusive M3 chip, which was previously only reserved for the MacBook Pro line and the latest iMac models. 

The M3 chip is significantly more powerful than its predecessor, with benchmark tests showing performance increases of approximately 17% in single-core tasks and 21% in multi-core tasks. This results in approximately a 15% improvement in GPU performance compared to the GPU on the M2.

In other words, the appearance of new MacBook Air models causes the boundary between them and MacBook Pro models to continue to narrow. Gone are the days when MacBook Air was only used to surf the web when it could handle more complex tasks. Of course, the new MacBook Air has the standard M3 chip, not the much more powerful M3 Pro or M3 Max.

Besides the new M3 chip, this is still a MacBook Air model, in that the design looks similar to the 2022 model with the same 13.6-inch display and surprisingly powerful quad-speaker setup. In fact, the MacBook Air M2 launched two years ago has been likened to "Apple's near-perfect Mac" and "the ideal ultraportable laptop" to demonstrate the appeal of the product line. 

this product. Similarly, the 15-inch model is essentially the same as its predecessor introduced by Apple last summer, except for the upgrade to the M3 chip.

The new MacBook Air M3s come with a relatively modest 8 GB of RAM, but can be expanded to a maximum of 24 GB. Besides, users can choose an SSD version with a capacity of up to 2 TB depending on their needs. Some benefits will come with the new product such as support for up to two external screens when the device is closed and especially Wi-Fi 6E.

The 13-inch MacBook Air M3 is sold at a starting price of 1,099 USD (27.13 million VND), while the 15-inch MacBook Air M3 model has a starting price of 1,299 USD (32 million VND). 

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Apple also discontinued the MacBook Air M1, while the 13-inch M2 model is still sold for $999 (24.66 million VND). Both new MacBook Air models are available to pre-order now before they hit shelves on Friday, March 8.

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