From a Securities Company's View: VN-Index Could Reach 1,300, Yet Anticipate Imminent Turbulence

Commenting on the market in the coming sessions, securities companies believe that the VN-Index may move up to the 1,300 point range. However, investors also need to be careful of the bull trap that may appear in the coming sessions.

After opening a gap to increase at the beginning of the session, VN-Index struggled with a narrow range before rebounding strongly at the end of the session. Closing the session on March 21, the index increased 16 points (1.3%) to 1,276 points. Trading liquidity reached more than 29,600 billion VND, an increase of nearly 30% compared to yesterday's session.

Commenting on the market in the coming sessions, securities companies believe that the VN-Index may move up to the 1,300 point range but there is still a potential risk of correction. Therefore, investors also need to be careful in the coming sessions.

VN-Index moved up 1,300 points

Agriseco Securities

On the technical chart, increased demand overwhelmed sellers, helping VN-Index increase with an expanded margin at the end of the session and move closer to the old peak around 1,277 points. The positive upward momentum and improved liquidity show that the opportunity to extend the recovery and move towards the next expected target area around 1,290-1,300 is somewhat dominant.

Although the shaking pressure will become more and more obvious during the upward process, the support level around 1,250 (+-5) is expected to act as a notable support point for the index. Investors increase short-term trading positions during fluctuations back to the mentioned support zone. Priority is given to opening new purchases with industry-leading blue-chip stocks in the banking, construction, oil and gas and textile industries.

BSC Securities

Today's rally was supported by liquidity. In the coming trading sessions, VN-Index may continue to enter the resistance area of 1,280 - 1,300.

Yuanta Securities

The market may experience a correction in the next session, but the upward momentum can be maintained. At the same time, the market shows signs of entering a period of strong fluctuations in a positive direction, so the VN-Index may soon completely surpass the resistance area of 1,268 - 1,270 points in the next few sessions.

 In addition, the short-term sentiment indicator continues to increase strongly, showing that investors are gradually becoming more optimistic about market developments and that new buying opportunities still exist as short-term risks remain low despite the index has increased in recent sessions.

Avoid chasing during the uptrend

KBSV Securities

Exciting demand right from the beginning of the session helped the index create a gap to increase, maintaining the recovery effect. In addition, the opportunity to conquer the old short-term peak area is expanded with the motivation increased again by cash flow, as well as the support factor from the group of pillar stocks. 

However, KBSV continues to note the risk of trend reversal when the index approaches the next resistance zone at around 1,300 (+-10). This risk needs attention if the index increases beyond its peak but the market's trading volume does not increase correspondingly or there are additional bulltrap sessions and strong distribution.

Investors are recommended to avoid chasing during rising periods, and implement a proactive selling strategy to take partial profits at high price ranges when VN-Index or the target stock exceeds its peak for additional trading positions purchased during the period. recently adjusted or currently held.

SHS Securities

From a medium-term perspective, VN-Index is having strong upward momentum, but it is possible that the market needs more time to accumulate before the 1,300 point barrier and cannot yet explode beyond the barrier to create an uptrend. After the increase, the market will likely adjust again and accumulate in the channel of 1,150 points - 1,250 points or 1,300 points.

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