Chinese electric car makes its first successful flight

 Not only is it ahead of many major automakers in the field of electric vehicles, this Chinese enterprise also successfully tested flying cars.

The emergence of commercially viable flying cars has been mentioned many times since the last century, but in recent years this type of vehicle has received more attention with the popularity of flying cars. tram.

More and more businesses are jumping into this field. Chinese automaker Xpeng even established a separate subsidiary, called Xpeng HT, with a sole focus on building eVTOL flying cars - electric vehicles that take off and land vertically. stand.

Recently, the company shared a video of the successful first flight of an Xpeng AeroHT prototype.

The Chinese electric car model has successfully made its first flight (Video: Youtube/Xpeng).

The test went smoothly and the vehicle landed successfully, with the company noting that they even tested stopping one or more propellers mid-flight to explore what might happen in the event one or more engines failed while the vehicle was in the air.

The propellers on the roof of the car can be folded so that the car moves on the road like a car.

Chinese electric car makes successful first flight - 1

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