Chinese Electric Car Achieves Maiden Successful Flight

 This type of vehicle opens up a new future of transportation (Photo cut from video).

Xpeng says the driver can still use the steering wheel even while flying, and explains that experiencing it in the air won't be too different from when you're driving a vehicle.

In addition to the steering wheel, the driver/pilot also needs to use the lever located on the right side to control the vehicle forward and backward, up and down, as well as perform turns and hovers.

It is unclear whether Xpeng intends to put this vehicle itself into production, or is simply a prototype developed to collect data. The company admits that it is difficult to take off a vehicle weighing nearly 2 tons.

When the Chinese Xpeng electric vehicle needs to run on the road, the 4-blade propeller system can be folded up (Photo: Xpeng).

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