2024 Top 10 best-selling electric cars in the world in 2022

 It's no surprise that there are two of the world's best-selling electric car models under the Tesla brand, but from the 3rd position there are many surprises.

After months of collecting data and research from many markets around the world, automotive industry expert Juan Felipe Munoz of JATO Dynamics has compiled a list of the 10 best-selling electric vehicle models in the world in 2022. JATO Dynamics is a company specializing in providing global automotive data.

Tesla won absolutely with Model Y and Model 3

The Tesla Model Y topped the list of the world's best-selling electric cars in 2022, ahead of the Model 3, the world's best-selling electric car model in 2021. Specifically, this small SUV model achieved sales more than 747,000 vehicles, an increase of 91% compared to last year. Nearly half of Model Y vehicles (44%) are sold in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), while sales in the US account for 34%.

Top 10 best-selling electric cars in the world in 2022: Chinese cars account for 2/3 - 1

Tesla is considered the Toyota of the global electric vehicle market (Photo: Electrek).

The Tesla Model 3 ranked second, with more than 482,000 vehicles delivered to customers; Of which 47% is consumed in the US and Canada, 28% in China, and 19% in Europe.

Unlike the Model Y, this sedan's sales decreased by 3%, because the SUV version is too popular. These two models account for 95% of Tesla's global sales in 2022.

Chinese cars speed up

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