2024 Rethinking Electric Vehicle Design: Emphasizing Fast Charging Over Large Batteries

  Once they realize that they can easily charge electric vehicles at home and that their daily travel needs are not too much, they will no longer look for car models that can go for a long time after each charge.

With electric vehicles, what will be more important will be the development of public charging infrastructure and charging technology.

Mr. Guyton added that due to the limited supply of materials for producing electric vehicle batteries, it is necessary to focus on making vehicles that use small, light-weight batteries but must charge much faster than current electric vehicles.

His argument is that if an electric car uses a small battery pack that can be charged quickly, there is no need to struggle to find ways to increase battery capacity, because car users living in urban areas can just move around. 50km per day.

Mr. Guyton's comments appeared just a few weeks after Mazda introduced the E-Skyactiv R-EV large capacity battery version of the MX-30 electric car. The 17.8kWh battery pack gives the car the ability to travel 85km per charge. Then, the car uses a small capacity gasoline engine - 803cc to support battery charging, allowing the car to run 600km with a full 50-liter fuel tank.

Although Mazda believes that charging speed is the factor that will help popularize electric vehicles in the future, the small battery pack of the MX-30 E-Skyactiv R-EV still takes up to 25 minutes to fully charge.

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