2024 "Introducing Kia EV9: A Rare 3-Row SUV Offering in the Market"

 The rear of the car has a simple, modern design.

Although the third row of seats is a plus point of this crossover model, it is the second row that attracts attention, due to its 180-degree swivel design, so that the person sitting can interact with the person sitting behind. Although the image shows that the third row's legroom is not really spacious, Kia notes that there are cupholders and charging ports so that people sitting at the back of the car feel connected and comfortable.

At the front, the cabin is equipped with a wide screen, including a 12.3-inch digital dashboard and a 12.3-inch entertainment screen, combined with a small 5-inch screen that promises to increase the digital experience. for users.

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Kia didn't introduce much, but it seems like the small screen is dedicated to controlling the air conditioning.

In the area below the dashboard, you can see a gray panel with a series of digital buttons serving the infotainment system. The roll bar, similar to the design on BMW cars, is an audio adjustment part.

Some other notable details include the ambient lighting system, different center control cluster, and two-tone design. The gear lever is integrated on the steering column, the speaker membrane has geometric patterns, and metal accents create a sporty style for the car.

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The cabin space promises to bring a digital experience to users.

Kia has not yet announced technical specifications, only knowing that the car uses the company's modular global platform for electric vehicles (E-GMP) and the digital dashboard shows that the car is capable of running 480km. after each full battery charge.

It is expected that the car will officially go into mass production from this fall; The selling price has not yet been disclosed, but a customer survey shows that the price could start at about 56,000 USD for the standard version and more than 70,000 USD for the most advanced version.

Some other images of the newly launched Kia EV9 model:

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