2024 How many units have Chinese electric cars sold in Europe?

 The German Federal Transport Administration released statistics on electric vehicle sales in February, showing that Chinese auto brands are having very modest numbers.

Accordingly, Nio sold 13 cars, while BYD sold 7 pure electric cars. A month earlier, Nio had only sold one unit. Total sales of this brand in Germany since August last year reached 512 vehicles. Nio officially entered the German market in October.

The total number of newly registered cars in Germany in February reached 206,210 units, up 2.8% over the same period last year. Of which, pure electric cars reached 32,475 units, an increase of 15% compared to last year; and plug-in hybrid cars reached 11,916 units. Among foreign brands, Tesla had the most impressive growth - up 29.7%, reaching sales of 7,711 vehicles.

Meanwhile, BYD's sales dropped 86% in February to 50 units (including plug-in hybrid cars), Lynk&Co sold 276 cars, down 33% compared to January. Another Chinese electric vehicle startup Aiways did not sell any units in Germany in February (in January it sold 5 units).

How many units have Chinese electric cars sold in Europe? - first

The mid-sized sedan ET5 is the sales driving force of the Nio brand (Photo: Nio).

In the Dutch market, the sales situation of Chinese electric vehicles in February was better. Accordingly, BYD sold 85 cars, thanks to the Atto 3 model with sales of 84 units, the remaining one is BYD Han. Hongqi sold 11 cars - all E-HS9 models. Geely's Lynk&Co brand sold 1,098 units, with only the Lynk&Co 01 PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model. Nio sold 4 cars.

Meanwhile, the American brand Tesla sold 725 cars in February in the Netherlands, a smaller auto market than Germany.

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