Tourist Attractions Ostrava Czech Republic

 26. Ostrava Zoo

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Ostrava Zoo really strives to educate and is the second largest zoo in the Czech Republic. Visit the New House of Evolution, which marks the evolutionary history of West Africa with a multi-environment exhibit featuring over 200 species, among them invertebrates, birds and reptiles, mammals and primitive Sarcopterygii. Other areas include the Safari, the Amazon hall, the Botanical Park, and the Ranch, where kids can meet the animals in the house and farm.

27. Dolní Vítkovice

Image source: Dolní Vítkovice
Ostrava is best known for its coal mines, blast furnaces and steel mills and most famously for Dolni Vitkovice. Just around the corner from the city center, Dolni Vitkovice is a national monument, featuring well-worn industrial architecture, fascinating museums and artworks side by side.

28. Mining Museum Landek Park

Image source: Landek Park
The Mining Museum in Landek Park is the largest museum in the Czech Republic. If you've ever wondered what it's like to explore an underground coal mine, here's your chance! Located on the site of the former Anselm mine, this 19th-century complex has been turned into a wonderful interactive museum. This is a fascinating insight into a world that few get to see and is one of the most unique places to visit in Ostrava.

29. Theater Antonin Dvořák

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Czechs love to see a good theatrical performance, and performances at the Antonín Dvořák theater are the most welcome. Housed in another stunning neo-Baroque building, the Antonín Dvořák theater has impeccable decorations placed around the interior, well worth a visit even if you can't catch a performance. Everything from ballet to opera to drama is staged and taken place here that is truly beautiful and engaging.

30. Silesian Castle Ostrava

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The most interesting thing about the Silesian Ostrava castle is that it has sunk up to 16m deep over time, due to the mining tunnels collapsing deep underground. While this has nearly ruined it over time, it still stands today. You can even visit the Silesian Castle at night - a spooky attraction that will surprise you!

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