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31. Pilsen . Historic Subway

This tour takes you through Pilsen's secret underground labyrinth of passages, cellars and wells that stretch more than 9km beneath the city's oldest landmarks. With the tour, you can learn more about Pilsen's underground history since the early Middle Ages, as well as discover the city's brewing history. 
This is a great activity if you want to hear fascinating historical anecdotes or if you like to explore dark, secret places. At the end of the tour, you will also be given a free cold beer voucher, very interesting, isn't it!

32. Beer Museum

Pilsen is famous for its brewery, which produces delicious bottom-fermented pale ales that are exported around the world. The brewery has been a delight to beer lovers since it opened in 1839. The brewery offers 11 different malt and wheat beers, with and without alcohol. It also organizes fun tours around the old cellars and factories, where you can learn more about how your favorite beer is made and sample some of their beers. In addition, the beer museum has an excellent restaurant serving Czech specialties.

33. Techmania Science Center

The Techmania Science Center offers a fun experience for your whole family. There are interactive exhibits that explain science in a simple, memorable way with hands-on experiments. If you're particularly interested in outer space, come and see the stars in the 3D Planetarium. 
There are also 'Science On a Sphere' shows, which are unique projections on a 2m-high globe that show how the Earth has changed over time. Ever wanted to find out what happens to something you drop in the ocean? Many mysteries will be revealed in the science center that will surely surprise you.

34. Pilsen Zoo

The botanical garden merges with the zoo in Pilsen, which simulates different natural environments around the world to ensure that the animals are living as close as possible to their original habitats. This is the second oldest zoo and one of the largest in the Czech Republic, you can see exotic animals such as the Palaearctic Berber lion, lynx, Alaskan sheep and hippos, penguins... the cutest animals in the world!

35. General Patton Memorial Museum

Image source: Patton Memorial Pilsen
If you love history, especially around the Second World War, head to the Patton Memorial Museum. The museum's exhibits document the final days before the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army, the aftermath of postwar economic aid, and the later communist totalitarian regime. The museum is small but filled with educational information, videos and artifacts of historical value from that time.
The Czech Republic is a small country with an irresistible charm in Europe. Through the article, you must now know the most beautiful Czech travel destinations for a memorable trip to the West.
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