Sony introduces the latest 4K OLED TV in 2024

 This product has an 8 million pixel OLED panel, automatically turning each pixel on/off,

Sony has just introduced their most advanced TV duo in 2024, including Bravia 8 and Bravia 9. Using the intelligent XR cognitive processor with integrated AI, these TVs are capable of eliminating green patches and human facial expressions, thereby better reproducing the filmmaker's original intention.

Sony Bravia 9 TV combined with BRAVIA Theater Bar 9 soundbar.

Sony Bravia 9 TV combined with BRAVIA Theater Bar 9 soundbar.

Voice Zoom 3 with AI sound separation technology is also improved on the new TV duo, helping to detect and adjust the increase/decrease of character voices between different sound backgrounds in the movie. Along with that is the Acoustic Center Sync feature that helps to calibrate the sound and screen when combining Bravia TV with Bravia Theater speakers.

Both Bravia 9 and Bravia 8 meet the DTS:X audio standard, along with standards from major audio and visual brands in the world such as Imax Enhanced, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology developed by Sony.

Going into details, the Bravia 9 is a 4K TV with Sony's brightest Mini-LED panel ever, and is one of the brightest TVs on the market today. According to the manufacturer, with improvements from the world's smallest LED controller and local dimming algorithm, XR Backlight Master Drive backlight control technology combined with XR Contrast Booster 30 brings images with high contrast and outstanding brightness.

To make the image more realistic, there is also High Peak Luminance technology that supports the transition between light and dark colors. In addition, Sony's new TV supports the X-Anti Reflection feature to help overcome the screen reflection phenomenon from external light, and X-Wide Angle optimizes the display of uniform images at all viewing angles.

Bravia 9 is also the world's first 4K TV to feature two Beam Tweeters to recreate an expansive soundscape from above. Acoustic Multi-Audio+ technology with Frame tweeters on the TV's bezel ensures that the sound is positioned in sync with the displayed image. 3D Surround Upscaling technology intelligently processes conventional stereo sound and upgrades it to 3D surround sound.

Meanwhile, Bravia 8 brings the Slim One Slate borderless design language - merging the screen and frame into a single panel. The product owns an 8 million pixel OLED panel, automatically turning on/off each pixel to bring high contrast in dark and bright areas.

In addition to the high brightness panel and temperature sensor, Bravia 8 also has XR Contrast Booster 15 technology to control light. In addition, XR Triluminos Pro technology helps reproduce more than a billion colors and XR Clear Image upgrades the quality of content to 4K format.

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Bravia 8 with Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology delivers a more immersive, expansive sound field, with richer, more natural vocals. Combined with two side tweeters and a subwoofer behind the screen, the cinematic experience is enhanced, especially when combined with the Bravia Theater Bar 8 speakers via Acoustic Center Sync.

The Bravia 9 and Bravia 8 duo are equipped with the Google TV smart operating system, integrating the feature of controlling TV by voice without the need for a remote, understanding the voices of the 3 regions of North, Central, and South. Along with that is the newly updated Bravia Connect application that allows users to install and control Sony TVs by phone.

Currently, Bravia 9 is available in the Vietnamese market with two size options of 75-inches and 85-inches, priced from 98.29 million VND; Bravia 8 is available with two options of 55-inches and 65 inches, priced from 52.69 million VND.

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