Series of portable karaoke speakers and soundbars are on sale up to 5 million VND

 These discounted products belong to JBL's Partybox karaoke speaker line, Bar soundbar and Authentics portable speaker line.

JBL has just applied a new discount program for its series of music and karaoke speakers. The deepest discount is on the JBL Bar 1300 soundbar with a reduction of 5 million VND, down to 29.9 million VND compared to the original price of 34.9 million VND.

In the lower segment, the JBL Bar 300 has a 20% price reduction equivalent to 2 million VND, bringing the speaker price to 7.99 million VND compared to the original price of 9.99 million VND. Notably, JBL's famous party speaker line, the Partybox Encore 2 Mic, is also reduced by 1 million VND during this period, now at 9.99 million VND. In addition to the Partybox and Bar, products in the Authentics line also have good prices during this period.

JBL Partybox Encore 2 Mic.

JBL Partybox Encore 2 Mic.

About the JBL Partybox Encore 2 Mic product, this is a karaoke speaker line that owns a prominent LED lighting system with a beautiful square design, vivid sound technology, and stable connection speed thanks to Bluetooth 5.1. Launched in 2022, the Partybox Encore 2 Mic is considered convenient for use at home parties or gatherings with friends outdoors.

The speaker has a compact design with a weight of about 6.3kg, equipped with a sturdy handle for easy movement. The beautiful design comes with a multi-color LED light system that increases aesthetics, especially when playing music in a dim space.

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Partybox Encore 2 Mic has a capacity of 100W, integrated subwoofer and tweeter to clearly express the sound quality. Users can easily control the speaker through the integrated physical buttons or through the JBL Partybox application on smartphones and tablets.

According to the manufacturer, the Partybox Encore 2 Mic provides up to 10 hours of music playback on a full charge. Of course, the length of time depends on the power and volume set by the user. In case of battery drain, the speaker can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

This speaker is IPX4 water resistant, giving users peace of mind when using it at outdoor parties. However, the manufacturer recommends that users limit the speaker from getting wet to protect the internal components and increase the speaker's lifespan.

The speaker comes with 2 low-latency microphones and echo, bass, and treble controls to enrich the vocals. Users just need to connect to a music source via wireless Bluetooth, AUX, or simply connect USB to be able to sing with JBL Partybox Encore 2 Mic.

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