Revealing the configuration and design of the new "destroyer" - OnePlus 13

 Renders and rumored specs of the OnePlus 13 suggest it's a respectable upgrade.

Although the OnePlus 12 was only released in December, information about its successor - OnePlus 13 - has been densely appearing since March. Recently, social network Weibo posted a render image of the high-end phone.

OnePlus 13 renders.

OnePlus 13 renders.

The image of the back of the phone shows that the device will have a rectangular camera cluster in the style of OnePlus 10 Pro.

Meanwhile, on social network X, account Yogesh Brar predicted that the phone will have a circular rear camera cluster in the middle of the phone, similar to the camera on the Oppo Find X7.

An earlier rumor suggested that the high-end phone would feature a new main camera and telephoto camera.

OnePlus 13 Rumors.

OnePlus 13 Rumors.

Also according to Yogesh Brar, OnePlus 13 will have a "four-sided curved screen", bringing exquisite beauty on all four sides, helping to improve aesthetics and comfortable operation.

Finally, the source claims, the high-end smartphone will feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip. Qualcomm's new chip will feature a new core arrangement and use custom-designed cores. These improvements are expected to result in significant performance gains.

OnePlus 13 renders on Weibo.

OnePlus 13 renders on Weibo.

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According to previous rumors, the OnePlus 13 will retain the 5,400mAh battery and 100W charging speed of its predecessor. It will have a 6.8-inch display, the same as the OnePlus 12. The phone will also have a more reliable and secure in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Last year, OnePlus 12 was released in December. Therefore, OnePlus 13 is expected to launch later this year. When launched, the device will be a "destroyer" in the Android smartphone segment.

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