iOS 18's hidden music support feature is extremely cool but few people mention it

There is a hidden Apple Music feature in iOS 18 that few people mentioned, it makes the music listening experience much more enjoyable.

iOS 18 has a lot of new features. However, it seems that Apple Music doesn't get much attention. BGR recently found five new Apple Music features in iOS 18, many of which you probably won't know are coming until the operating system launches alongside the new iPhones this fall.

There’s another secret Apple Music feature in iOS 18 that no one’s talking about: Smart Crossfade. Apple hasn't added a new button to enable it or explain how it works, but it's there.

iOS 18's hidden music support feature is great but few people mentioned it - 1

If you recall, Apple added transition effects between songs in Apple Music in iOS 17. In iOS 18, the company is expanding on this feature to make it even more seamless. For example, when a song is about to end, Apple can blend it into the next song, creating a very interesting transition.

While not every song has an interesting transition, some songs start right after the previous song finishes its last verse. They can also be a combination of two different melodies.

For now, it appears that smart interlacing will work if you enable it in the Music app’s settings. Apple also lets you choose an interlacing length between one and 12 seconds.

In addition to the hidden Apple Music feature in iOS 18, Apple also brought the following additions to its streaming services:

Music Haptics: Provides a new way for deaf or hard-of-hearing users to experience music on iPhone. "When enabled, the Taptic Engine in iPhone adds subtle touches, textures, and vibrations to the sound of your music," Apple explains.

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InSight on Apple TV+: This feature displays real-time information about actors, characters, and music from shows currently streaming on Apple TV+, and displays it on screen in real time. Users can select an actor to see their bio and filmography, or quickly see what song is playing in a scene and add it to a playlist in the Music app. 

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