Google "killed" this feature on computers, coming soon to mobile

Google has discontinued the endless scrolling feature on desktop search, and mobile is coming soon.

Google Search will stop the continuous scrolling feature when it wants to load more results when you scroll past the first page of search results. Instead, you'll see the classic pagination bar in the footer of Google Search results .

The feature has been officially discontinued on desktop devices. A Google spokesperson added that the feature is expected to be phased out on mobile devices soon, according to Search Engine Land.

Google "killed" this feature on computers, will soon be on mobile - 1

Google launched continuous scrolling on desktop search in December 2022 and first launched it on mobile devices in October 2021. So continuous scrolling only existed for about a year and a half in desktop search engines.

It is expected that Google will soon remove the continuous scrolling feature from mobile search results pages in the coming months.

Continuous scrolling on Google search desktop interface

Continuous scrolling on Google search desktop interface

According to a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land, this change is intended to serve search results faster on more searches, instead of automatically loading results that users have not explicitly requested. Google also said that automatically loading more results does not result in higher user satisfaction.

The “Next” button at the bottom of the page will appear on the desktop search page, and the “More Results” button will appear on the mobile search page.

Google "kills" this feature on computers, coming soon to mobile - 3

Removing continuous scrolling may impact traffic to websites. Specifically, websites that show up on the second page of results may record lower traffic because users are less likely to scroll down or click to the next page. Additionally, Google Search Console data can also be impacted by changes in users' scrolling and clicking behavior.

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