A phone worth over a hundred million suddenly became a "brick" in Vietnam


A phone worth over a hundred million has just been locked and there is no way to restore it.

In recent years, Vertu has increasingly expanded its customer segment by launching smartphones priced at over a hundred million. In particular, the Metavertu 2 phone, which was launched in early June, has quickly become the choice of the young, high-income customer segment and business people.

Vertu Metavertu 2 is many times more advanced than iPhone and also has very strict security criteria. This phone, dubbed as “super secure” by Vertu, is a sought-after product in the Vietnamese market, leading to a massive situation of unknown origin and hand-carried goods being sold at unusual prices.

The Metavertu 2 phone was locked after a short time.

The Metavertu 2 phone was locked after a short time.

According to information from an official Vertu retail store in Vietnam, a customer using a Metavertu 2 phone came to ask for support. Specifically, after only about 1 month of use, the phone suddenly became locked, did not recognize the SIM card and could not be restored. Because it was a gift, the customer was hesitant to contact the giver to ask about the cause of the problem with the phone. 

A representative of Vertu Vietnam said: This is just one of many cases where customers come to Vertu Vietnam stores for support after their phones are locked. Most customers who buy through third parties, hand-carried goods, etc. will buy domestic goods from other countries. Most will not be international versions and will only be temporarily unlocked by the seller at the time of sale to the customer.

“After a short period of use, the device will be locked and disabled as soon as the user updates to the latest version from the manufacturer, or the device will be returned to its original state, resulting in many important features being limited. It may even become a “brick” because it cannot use SIM cards or mobile waves from Vietnam, losing all settings, software, data, and even the Vietnamese language,” the representative warned.

In this case, some customers contacted the seller but did not receive support or only a temporary solution, then the phone was locked again. For customers who received the phone as a gift, the problem was even more difficult because they did not know the origin of the phone, and were afraid to ask the giver because they were worried about affecting the relationship and honor of the partner. 

With the brand position, unique and high-end value of each Vertu phone, many people also choose Vertu as a valuable gift, expressing their feelings to superiors, partners, and friends. In order not to affect reputation, honor and personal relationships as well as financial losses, customers should only buy at genuine and official Vertu stores.

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