YouTube has another unique "trick" to suppress users who block ads

 YouTube is testing a new solution to deal with ad blockers.

According to 9to5Google, YouTube is testing a new solution to deal with ad blockers, which is inserting ads directly into videos from the server side. This means that ads will become an integral part of the video, making it difficult for ad blockers to interfere.

YouTube tests a new method of dealing with ad blockers.

According to the developer of SponsorBlock, an extension that helps users skip ads, YouTube is conducting this test and some users have experienced ads that cannot be blocked.

In the past, YouTube has taken various measures to combat ad blockers, including limiting features on browser extensions and third-party apps. However, this new solution is considered a significant step forward in the fight against ad blockers.

Although YouTube has not officially announced information about this solution, this move shows their efforts to protect advertising revenue and encourages users to switch to YouTube Premium, a video viewing service. No advertising of this platform.

YouTube has officially spoken up after many speculations from netizens.

In recent days, many YouTube users have encountered a situation where videos automatically advance to the end or are suddenly muted, disrupting the video viewing experience. Some users believe this is YouTube's punishment for people who use ad blockers.

However, YouTube has officially denied this information. According to the company's representative, the above incident is not related to the fact that they are tightening users' use of ad blockers. The real reason is that changes are being made to improve the platform's performance, but are unintentionally causing a bad user experience.

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YouTube affirms that it does not make videos that automatically jump to the end.

YouTube affirms that it does not make videos that automatically jump to the end.

But some users said they still encountered the problem even without using an ad blocker, suggesting the problem may not simply be due to a conflict with the ad blocker.

Besides the unrelated statement, Google's video sharing platform still affirms its stance on not using ad blockers and believes that this behavior will violate the terms of service. The company also suggests users turn off ad blockers or use YouTube Premium for the best experience.

In response, YouTube pledged to continue improving performance and fixing issues to provide the best user experience. At the same time, the company also emphasizes the importance of users supporting content creators by watching ads or using Premium subscriptions.

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