Will the folding screen iPhone be more successful than the Apple Vision Pro glasses?

 Faced with a series of rumors about folding screen iPhones, experts are quite concerned: Will the iPhone Fold suffer the same fate as Apple Vision Pro glasses?

5 years have passed since the Galaxy Fold was officially announced, the folding screen phone is still being developed. They get better every year they are upgraded. What's more important is that they're getting cheaper.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

This year, the Korean technology tycoon will launch the Galaxy Z Fold 6. So what is happening with Apple?

The company has always been at the forefront of innovation and it has brought some amazing conveniences in our lives. However, somehow, Apple has not yet joined the foldable smartphone "war" and launched the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses.

According to industry experts, the foldable iPhone - or iPhone Fold - will also suffer the same fate as these glasses if Apple does not change its approach.

Are Apple Vision Pro glasses being hyped?

Clearly, the Apple Vision Pro glasses represent a bold step into the AR/VR market, an area that is expected to bring "explosive" growth. The glasses have incredible specs: high-resolution display, quality optics, powerful chip, premium design, and integration with the Apple ecosystem.

Many people even stopped buying Macs to get the Vision Pro. However, after just 2 weeks, many people started returning Vision Pro glasses and sales were lower than expected. So what is the reason?

Apple Vision Pro glasses.

Apple Vision Pro glasses.

First, Vision Pro's price is significantly higher than competing products, making it out of reach for many potential users. Although Apple products are often positioned as premium, the Vision Pro's price is beyond many people's budgets.

Second, despite its impressive capabilities, the Vision Pro is still aimed at a niche market. Augmented Reality - AR and Virtual Reality - VR, although promised, are still not necessary in everyday consumer technology. In fact, the product is still a VR headset, with a narrow and heavy field of view with a cable connected to an external battery. In other words, this is not an innovative device.

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iPhone Fold: Revolution or practicality?

Today's smartphone market is very different from the one Apple entered with the first iPhone in 2007. People are spoiled for choice, there are high-quality devices everywhere, and especially in the The folding screen smartphone market is starting to have many impressive products (OnePlus Open, Honor Magic V2, Google Pixel Fold,..).

This puts Apple in a very difficult situation with the iPhone Fold or folding screen iPhone Flip in general.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

The launch of a regular folding screen smartphone model without innovations and advanced features can be considered a derivative activity in the presence of other well-known folding screen smartphone models on the market.

On the other hand, launching a product just to surprise the audience and has no practical value could cause the iPhone Fold to go the way of the Vision Pro glasses.

Therefore, the iPhone Fold must be innovative and at the same time practical. Like the first iPhone in 2007. According to experts, Apple should branch out to a new software operating system to take advantage of the specific folding screen feature needed to make the iPhone Fold a success.

iPhone Fold and iPhone Flip?

The form factor of future foldable iPhones has not yet been decided. There are multiple patents going in both directions, and no one is sure what Apple will do next. The most radical scenario would be for Apple to launch two foldable iPhone models, simulating what Samsung has done.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

Currently, people are not interested in a compact iPhone! The iPhone Mini is the most visible illustration. In other hands, the Galaxy Z Flip is one of the best-selling flip phones today.

Therefore, a complete foldable iPhone will give Apple the opportunity to show off and offer something new.

Learn from Vision Pro glasses

To avoid repeating the fate of the Vision Pro, Apple needs to adopt a more practical approach with the iPhone Fold (or iPhone Flip).

For the iPhone Fold to be successful, they need to offer more than just a novel design. The device's success depends on its unique features and user experience along with strong support from the developer community (something the Vision Pro still lacks).

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

Next, price remains one of the most important barriers to adopting new technology. Setting a price that is too high will cause buyers to turn away and move towards "competitor" products.


Clearly, the iPhone Fold (or iPhone Flip) has the potential to become a breakthrough product, but their success is not yet guaranteed. Only time will tell whether Apple gets it right or not.

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