What's hot about Apple Watch Series X?

 Apple Watch Series X is expected to have a Thinner design, larger screen and groundbreaking 3D printing technology.

According to the latest leaked information, Apple Watch Series X is expected to have many significant upgrades compared to previous generations. The most prominent features are the 10-15% Thinner design, larger screens with two options of 45mm and 49mm, and the use of 3D printed components.

Apple Watch Series X will have major design changes.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple may narrow the screen border to increase the display size without changing the overall size of the watch. The company is also said to be considering using 3D printing technology for some mechanical parts, in order to reduce production costs.

This is not the first time there has been information about Apple using 3D printing technology for the Apple Watch. Previously, Kuo also predicted that the next Apple Watch Ultra will have some 3D printed components. These changes promise to bring a new and more modern look to the Apple Watch Series X. However, we still need to wait for official information from Apple to confirm these rumors.

It is expected that the Apple Watch Series X will be launched with the iPhone 16 next September. This promises to be a remarkable technology event, attracting the attention of many Apple fans around the world.

The new Apple Watch operating system will focus on health and convenience.

Apple has just launched watchOS 11, the latest operating system version for Apple Watch, focusing on improving the ability to monitor health and physical activity and adding many new utilities.

watchOS 11 will bring more comprehensive health monitoring capabilities. Specifically, the new Vitals application will synthesize important health indicators such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep and provide warnings when there are abnormalities. Users also receive suggestions to improve their health status.

In addition, the Training Load feature will help evaluate training intensity for 28 days, allowing users to monitor and adjust training plans more effectively.

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watchOS 11 adds a series of useful features.

watchOS 11 adds a series of useful features.

Smart Stack is upgraded with greater personalization capabilities, allowing users to add new widgets such as Shazam, Photos and Distance. In particular, the Live Activities feature first appeared on iPhone 14 Pro, now available on watchOS 11, helping users track activities directly from applications right on the watch face.

Not stopping there, watchOS 11 also brings many other improvements such as the ability to customize watch faces, add GPS routes, offline maps and new workouts in the Workout app. iPhone 15 Pro and later users can also receive summary notifications from the Apple Intelligence AI system on Apple Watch.

The watchOS 11 developer beta has been released, followed by a public beta in July and an official launch expected this fall.

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