This 9 billion USD network company started with only 10 people and 1 watt truck

 They started as a small company specializing in hiring, building and installing high-telecommunication towers with a row of 4-level houses, a watt car and 10 people.

Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) has just celebrated its 35th anniversary of establishment (June 1, 989 - June 1, 2024).

Viettel started as a small company specializing in hiring, building and installing high-telecommunication structures with a row of 4-level houses, a watt car and 10 people. After 35 years, they have become the largest telecommunications company in Vietnam, an important economic group of the country with a brand value of nearly 9 billion USD, the number 1 brand in Southeast Asia, 15th in the world. ranking of 150 carriers with the largest brand value globally.

The Watt is an off-road vehicle with simple equipment, mainly painted green with a canvas roof, and runs quite well. The first UAZ 469 was born at the end of 1972 and was officially mass-produced in 1973, replacing the outdated GAZ 69s. In Vietnam, UAZ 469 not only appears in military units, but is also widely used by civilian units.

Over 35 years of business, Viettel has developed the following business fields: Domestic and foreign telecommunications, information technology solutions, industry - high technology, logistics - e-commerce, etc. .

Viettel started out as a small company.

Cumulatively over the past 35 years, Viettel's total consolidated revenue reached over 2.2 million billion VND, pre-tax profit was nearly 540 trillion VND. Viettel is always the leading enterprise in contributing to the state budget, cumulatively reaching more than 433 trillion VND to date.

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of its establishment, Viettel Group was also honored to receive the First Class Fatherland Defense Medal. formation, after 17 years of pursuing the defense industry, Viettel has researched, mastered and produced more than 60 product lines in 10 weapons and technical equipment industries for the military; Ensuring security and autonomy, contributes to helping many military branches advance to modernity and enhancing national defense and military potential.

Viettel's special achievements are also recognized in the field of network security. specific, Viettel, Command 86 and competent agencies have invested resources, researched, built and introduced solutions and tools to contribute to controlling Vietnam's sovereignty in cyberspace.

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According to preliminary statistics, Viettel has found more than 400 zero-day security vulnerabilities (vulnerabilities that have never been published), won the world's largest security vulnerability exploitation competition Pwn2Own, preventing on average more than 50,000 attacks per year by global hackers on the system . Viettel's cybersecurity team has contributed to bringing Vietnam into the top 30 countries in the world with the ability to own over 95% of network safety and security products.

Viettel is a major mobile network operator in Vietnam and has appeared in many other countries.

Viettel has built a large and modern telecommunications infrastructure platform with a fiber optic backbone system enough to wrap 9 times around the Earth, universal connection infrastructure, 5G network infrastructure and data centers ready for development. develop artificial intelligence (AI).

In particular, revenue from foreign investment activities reached more than 3 billion USD, maintaining a high growth rate for 7 consecutive years, 5 times higher than the industry average in the world, bringing in annual foreign exchange revenue. Vietnam up to 500 million USD. From being a latecomer, Viettel has risen to the top in 7/10 markets, in all 3 continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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