The two "giants" Apple and Meta "joined hands" to develop AI on the iPhone


Apple is collaborating with Meta Platforms to bring generative AI into the Apple Intelligence system, which will be integrated on new iPhone lines.

Recently, Meta Platforms - Facebook's parent company - discussed integrating its generative AI technology into the AI ​​system for iPhone.

This move comes in the context that Apple is discussing the possibility of collaborating with Alphabet's Google. The company plans to add technology from other AI companies to its device.



The iPhone maker plans to discuss cooperation with AI companies in other regions. In particular, "Apple House" is especially interested in the Chinese market, where OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot backed by Microsoft has been banned.

According to the Wall Street Journal, AI startup Anthropic discussed with "Batten Apple" about bringing its generative AI technology into Apple Intelligence.

Successful deals with Apple will help AI companies distribute their products more widely. Profits from these deals could involve AI companies selling premium subscriptions through Apple Intelligence.



According to another source, AI startup Perplexity has also been in discussions with the Cupertino-based company about bringing its generative AI into Apple Intelligence.

Apple previously announced its new AI strategy, which will integrate new Apple Intelligence technology into its suite of apps, including Siri and ChatGPT. Apple also said it plans to differentiate itself from rivals Microsoft and Google by prioritizing privacy in its features.

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