The "trick" of using a VPN to buy cheap YouTube Premium is being suppressed by Google


The trick of many YouTube users to buy cheap Premium packages is about to no longer work.

Google is taking a tough move to prevent users from taking advantage of VPNs to buy YouTube Premium packages at preferential prices from other countries.

According to information from Reddit, many users had their Premium packages suddenly canceled after using VPNs to sign up from cheap countries like Croatia, Greece, and Ukraine. When they contacted customer support, they were asked to re-register with their address and payment card in their country of residence to continue using the service.

Google is strong with the trick of using VPN to buy cheap YouTube Premium.

Google is strong with the trick of using VPN to buy cheap YouTube Premium.

This move is considered to ensure fairness and compliance with YouTube's regional pricing policy. However, it also caused a lot of controversy, with some users claiming that they were unfairly affected, especially those who had moved to another country.

Using a VPN to buy online services at a cheaper price is nothing new. However, Google is becoming increasingly aggressive in preventing this behavior. This can be a wake-up call for users who are planning to use VPNs to "circumvent the law", because the immediate benefits may come at the cost of losing access to the service in the long term.

In this situation, YouTube Premium users are advised to register for the service with correct information and pay using a valid method to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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