Surface Copilot Plus is the easiest computer to repair on the market today

 Microsoft Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 7 Copilot are the devices considered the easiest to repair today.

Microsoft's recently launched Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 7 Copilot Plus computers are considered one of the easiest repairable laptops on the market.

According to iFixit's new laptop analysis report, they praised how easy it is for technicians to maintain them.

Technician Shahram Mokhtari from iFixit's official YouTube channel walks through the process of disassembling each part, including the motherboard, to demonstrate how simple it is to disassemble and repair Microsoft's new computers.

Surface Copilot Plus is the easiest computer to repair on the market today - 1

Underneath the case of each device are several labels and a QR code with a wrench symbol above them. Microsoft calls these labels "Wayfinder Markings" and they will tell you what type of screwdriver you need and how many screws to secure the parts in that area. Meanwhile, the QR code will take you to Microsoft's official service manual page for easier instructions.

The ease of component removal has been greatly improved, which is especially beneficial for laptops. For example, the battery in the Surface Laptop can now be removed by removing the bottom foot and back cover, compared to older models that required almost every other component to be removed first.

This is especially problematic when the battery is the only replaceable part of the laptop. The SSD is also replaceable and upgradeable, but it is soldered to the motherboard, making it difficult for the average user to remove and replace.

Surface Copilot Plus is the most repairable computer on the market today - 2

The Surface Pro also has an easy-to-use design, upgrades with a replaceable SSD without disassembling, and a much simpler screen removal than other tablets. However, due to the strong adhesive, replacing other components like the battery can be a bit more difficult, according to iFixit.

The Surface Pro and Surface Laptop both received a repairability score of 8/10, which is a big improvement over Microsoft's rather low score in 2017, when iFixit gave the first version of the Surface Laptop 0 /10 points for repairability.

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It seems that after that, Microsoft was determined to turn a new page, even collaborating with iFixit in 2021 to start selling repair tools for Surface devices.

Surface Copilot Plus is the easiest computer to repair on the market today - 3

Meanwhile, Apple's MacBooks and Google's Chromebooks are among the least repairable laptops, according to a report called Failing the Fix, compiled by the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG). ), a consumer advocacy organization in the United States.

It seems that Apple and Google should also make changes like Microsoft in their computer designs to be more user-friendly.

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