Siri on iOS 18 will "transform" with this series of AI features


The iPhone's long-standing virtual assistant is about to be upgraded with a series of AI-based features.

Many recently leaked sources have revealed that Apple 's virtual assistant Siri will have great improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) in the upcoming iOS 18 update.

Siri on iOS 18 promises to be much smarter thanks to AI.

Siri on iOS 18 promises to be much smarter thanks to AI.

Specifically, Apple is said to have focused on training Siri to understand natural language commands, helping users interact more easily without the need for specific syntax. In addition, Siri will be more deeply integrated with 18 different iPhone applications, bringing many new features such as:

- Camera: Voice control, mode switching, shooting timer, front/rear camera switching.

- Mail: Automatically categorize emails, compose, send, schedule emails, mark spam, set reminders, summarize emails, and create smart replies.

- Photos: Edit photos with AI, remove unwanted objects, search photos by people/animals, apply AI filters.

- Safari: Summary of web pages, create new tab groups, open private tabs by voice.

- Recording: Hands-free recording, naming and moving recordings by voice.

However, reputable Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman said not all of these features will be available immediately when iOS 18 launches. Some features may be announced at the upcoming WWDC but will be released sequentially via software updates until 2025.

This promises to be a valuable upgrade for Siri, helping this virtual assistant become smarter and more useful than ever.

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