Samsung is ready with a bold plan to produce 1nm chips


Samsung announced its plan to produce 1nm chips, challenging two giants Intel and TSMC.

Samsung Foundry has just surprised everyone by announcing that it will launch an advanced 1nm chip manufacturing process next July, earlier than originally expected. Accordingly, mass production is expected to begin in 2026, putting Samsung ahead of rivals such as Intel and TSMC in the semiconductor technology race.

This information was revealed at the Foundry & SAFE Forum 2024 taking place in the US in mid-June. The 1nm process is considered a breakthrough in the fields of computing and semiconductors, promising to bring performance and efficiency. outstanding energy.

A Samsung engineer with the company's first 3nm GAA wafer.

A Samsung engineer with the company's first 3nm GAA wafer.

Previously, Intel planned to mass produce 1nm chips in 2028, while TSMC planned to launch in 2030. Samsung's acceleration of 1nm chip production to 2026 shows the company's ambition to regain the leading position in the semiconductor market.

However, accelerating progress also poses challenges to the quality and performance of the production process. Samsung will need to prove that it can guarantee the quality and performance of 1nm chips in mass production.

Regardless, Samsung's move also shows that Moore's Law is still valid and the semiconductor technology race is still going strong. In the growing AI computing landscape, chip size miniaturization plays an important role, but other factors such as architectural improvements are also increasingly emphasized.

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