Samsung has just stopped supporting 3 Galaxy phone models

Samsung officially announced the end of support for three Galaxy phone models.

Samsung has just announced that it will stop supporting software updates for three phone models: Galaxy A51 5G, Galaxy A41 and Galaxy M01. This means that users of these devices will no longer receive any Android operating system updates or security patches from June 2024.

Galaxy A51 5G is one of the phone models that has just stopped being supported.

Galaxy A51 5G is one of the phone models that has just stopped being supported.

This decision was made after all three phone models completed the 4-year security update support cycle as committed by Samsung. The Galaxy A51 5G launched in 2020 with Android 10 and has been upgraded to Android 13, while the Galaxy A41 and Galaxy M01 have also been updated to Android 12.

Although they no longer receive updates, all three models are still highly rated for a number of features. The Galaxy A51 5G stands out with its impressive battery life and sharp AMOLED screen, while the Galaxy A41 is praised for its ability to take good photos in full light conditions.

Discontinuing update support for older phone models is part of Samsung's policy to focus on developing and supporting newer products. However, this can also cause some inconvenience for users of old devices, especially regarding security issues.

It is expected that by 2028, the folding screen phone market could account for nearly 5% of the market share of the entire smartphone industry.

Since the modern era of foldable phones began in 2019, Samsung has become the go-to brand. But with competition from various "competitors" in recent times, including Huawei, the foldable phone market is undergoing some changes.

Samsung still leads the folding screen market

Analysts from market research company TrendForce said that Samsung's market share has decreased from 60% to just over 50% in the folding screen smartphone segment. And while foldable phones will only make up about 1.5% of the global smartphone market at the end of 2024, that number could grow to 5% by 2028, especially if Apple jumps into the fray. .

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Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

In 2024, foldable phone sales will reach 17.8 million units. Despite challenges such as high repair rates and selling prices, experts predict that the market penetration rate of folding screen smartphones will increase to 4.8% by 2028.

Samsung, once the dominant force in the foldable phone market with over 80% market share in 2022 has seen a weakening in the face of growing competition from other brands. It is estimated that in the period 2023-2024, Samsung's market share will decrease to more than 50%, marking a significant decrease compared to the previous stronghold of 60%. 

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