Phones running Android 15 can "catch illness" when encountering errors


Android 15 will have a new breakthrough with self-diagnosis of phone problems.

Android 15 is expected to bring a groundbreaking feature, allowing users to self-diagnose problems on their phones without having to go to a service center.

According to Android Authority editor Mishaal Rahman , the new "Device Diagnostics" feature was discovered in beta 3 of Android 15, providing two options including Component health and Evaluation mode.

Android 15 will have a feature to self-diagnose phone health.

Android 15 will have a feature to self-diagnose phone health.

With Component health, users can run manual tests to evaluate battery, memory, and even touchscreen health. This feature will display different color screens so users can easily detect dead spots or display errors.

Meanwhile, Evaluation mode allows users to use one device to test another device, opening up the possibility of convenient remote technical support.

Although this feature has not been officially confirmed by Google, it is expected to be a useful tool to help users quickly determine the cause of problems on their phone, thereby making decisions about fixing them. suitable repair or replacement.

This is considered a new step by Google in improving user experience, helping them be more proactive in managing and maintaining this company's devices.

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